Huichol: Art for your feet

Huichol: Art for your feet

Each crafted pair of shoes is linked to the social and religious life of the Huicholes, a task very difficult to achieve.

     Huichol craftsmanship is recognized worldwide for its beauty and complexity in crafting. His pieces have become the object of worship among the members of the same community and the artisanal richness that thousands of Huichol artists print in each of their pieces, are a great example of celebrating indigenous culture. Each craft is linked to the social and religious life of the Huicholes, and they are often very difficult to achieve.

huichol art

     For this reason, our shoes are unique pieces of tanned leather shoes with touches of their art. Being handmade footwear, the creators decided to put a unique touch to each pair through huichol art. It is said that each piece of this art is unique and unrepeatable, so you will not be able to find another person who is wearing the same shoes as you.

     By putting these touches of huichol art on the shoes and sandals, huicholes workers craft these unique pieces. It is said that today they elaborate in series, because of the high demand, however, you will also find pieces that are unique. Their shoes are hand-embroidered and capture the worldview of the Huichol groups; each pair is unique either by its colors or its pattern, therefore no two pairs are the same.

     In addition to footwear, you can find various products such as: hats, bags and home décor among others. Materials such as wax, chaquira, wool and cotton sacralize ceremonial objects and offerings. The chaquira (kuka), for example, is a symbol of water, these small colorful beads are also compared to corn seeds, and are the subject of ritual uses, which can be purified. Stone or wooden statuettes represent deified ancestors and in past times they used glass beads or shells of molluscs for the purpose of their decoration.

Huichol craftsmanship is recognized all over the world for its beauty and complexity in crafting, to the extent that many of its pieces become the object of worship among the connoisseurs. Of the crafts that contain a high religious symbolism we can list the following:
Muvieris.- Small bamboo arrows with feathers at one end that are used by shamans in their ceremonies originally and that you can also find in small representations with feathers at their ends and that are decorative.
Niérikas.- There are those who are considered visions and are the tables of stamen;  circular multicolored stamen fabrics are also known as nierikas, with a hole in the center, sometimes with a mirror covering the hole.
Tacuats.- Morrales embroidered or with glued chaquira, inside the shamans keep the sacred symbols
Uweni.- Equipal or small armchair for ritual use
Tepos.- Drums made with oak logs.

On the other hand, Huichol artisans make pieces of very high quality and great color as are the products made by the skilled hands of the artisans and that are of complex elaboration, such as the figures lined with chaquira, the masks with chaquira, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many other things that surprise the imagination; that although they do not constitute ritual objects, they are part of the magical world of the Huicholes.

The handicrafts of Mexico make up a great cultural heritage for the creativity of Mexican artisans in each of the pieces and their vibrant colors. It is precisely in a community with great roots to its traditions where one of the most magical and representative artistic expressions of the country originates: huichol art. The huicholes or wixárikas are an indigenous community that inhabits the central west of the country, in the Sierra Madre Occidental, mainly in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, as well as some areas of Durango and Zacatecas. If you are in one of these destinations do not miss the opportunity to visit their communities or approach some Huichol artisan while working on their crafts.

At we are committed to the quality, art and beauty of our products. We invite you to enjoy the comfort of these handmade shoes, feeling proud to wear a                       product produced with love, dedication, creativity and above all unique. Thank you for visiting us, we wish you continues progress.